Who We Are

Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is determined to help our poor brothers and sisters in their dreams of a better future.  The REF program aims for educational excellence for low income families.REF helps young people who, after completing basic schooling, have no possibility to continue their education. REF helps students to continue with the traditional education as well as computer training. REF also, helps these students stand on their own by adding computer training to their qualifications.The in demand  fields are currently petrochemical, aeronautics, agriculture/dairy, banking, clothing, and educational-based industries.  Our computer based technology training provides expertise in all of these fields. Therefore, computer education has become a prerequisite for becoming a successful and member of society.REF was established in 1996 as a Not-for-Profit Organization, and is sponsored by a team of dedicated young educators and professionals.  REF is located in Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan.  Youhanabad is a rural area of Lahore Pakistan, in an area that is largely Christian area.

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