Our Success Stories

The following are three stories from people who were greatly impacted by the REF program.

“Let me introduce myself.  My Name is Sunita Munzoor and I was the student in Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) in 2001.  I completed a one year diploma in computer science (DCS). It was a great experience for me to get computer education. According to my family’s financial position, I couldn’t move forward in society, Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) offered different computer courses to the needy in Youhanabad’s area. It was the light of hope for the area of Youhanabad as it was for me.

After one year I proudly declare that I successfully earned a diploma in computer sciences. After completion of my computer education REF helped me to find a good job. It was there policy to give jobs to the best student of the year, and I am pleased to inform you that I was the most successful girl of the college. I got a job in the government sector where Christians couldn’t get jobs. Now I am the only learned lady in my family facing many opportunities because of God’s blessings and REF College who gave me the opportunity to uplift my family.”

Another story is written by Kaiynnat Nadeem:

I along with a team of dedicated students visited our nearest community “Asif town”. We visited some families who do not send their children to school and we tried to spread the awareness of education and encouraged them to send their children to school. During our visitation we visited a family.  The father of three children (Humaira, Mehvish and Abram) was at home, but when he saw us he vanished. We thought that he h ad gone to bring cold drinks for us but there was another reason. When still there after 20 minutes he was not back we were informed that he was at the shop. We went to the shop to bring him back to the home but he was not there. Then somebody again informed us he was on the roof of his house. We went to the roof and made him agree to discuss their problem.  When he was ready, he came back to his home and the discussion started. During the discussion we came to know that he had torn the bags, books, and uniforms of his children, and he had certain clashes with his wife and his children were the target of those clashes. However we tried to solve their clashes and they were ready to send their children to school.  Then another problem appeared. They said, “We are poor and cannot afford the expenditures of school”.  So we looked for the reliable sources within the community and collected some money for them. We provided them uniforms, bags and books and they were able to continue with their studies. Now the children are back to school and studying well. Now they are preparing themselves for their second term examination.”

Finally here is a story from two young ladies whose lives were dramatically changed for the better:

We are Amber and Iram Nasir. Recently we have done our matriculation. We have an excellent ten years experience in Renaissance Education Foundation (REF).We also have an experience of studying in another private school that did not have qualified staff nor many facilities or activities for the students. There was not any creative work.  They gave lots of homework and also beat the students. We did not like that school.


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