Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission is to bring technology education to those in the Youhanabad area, so that they might be empowered and enabled to create a prosperous future for themselves and their families.  Our vision is to reshape the Youhanabad area through advanced education opportunities.  We want to help families pull themselves out of poverty by equipping them with the skills they need to gain employment that will be able to support themselves and their families. We hope to reshape our community and empower our students to make a difference. Through changing the lives of those in our community we hope to also impact neighboring communities so they may also benefit from education. We want to enable everyone so they may provide a better way of life for themselves and improve their communities.

Our Goals

To make the people aware of their human rights and duties.

To provide better health care, quality computerizes educational and training facilities for the needy.

To form a base from where we can help in raising the literacy rate in the country. Together with the students and parents we would work for this cause.

To inculcate a spirit of community service in our young generation, so that they may become responsible and disciplined citizens of our beloved country.

To accept the intellectually impaired children and provide a healthy and happy environment to facilitate their growth and development.

To organize educational programs for those impaired children who have the academic ability.

To offer services which help the impaired children in acquiring necessary living skills for self-sufficiency and independence?Future Plans Purpose built campuses: By the grace of God we would be able to build the purpose premises of 90090 sq. Yds.

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