Problems We Face

The challenge we face is our young students equipping themselves with Information Technology (IT).  IT has revolutionized the world, including Pakistan, and Youhanabad in particular.  The computer is the primary approach to providing everyone an opportunity to improve their lives. REF has been dedicated to working fulltime in Youhanabad Lahore Pakistan.  It is one of the largest Christian colonies with over fifteen thousand families.  This area is currently suffering from a complexity of problems. The primary problem being economic poverty.  More than 80% of the earnings is only RS.54,000 in comparison to per capita income reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as US $2,803 (RS.168,180).  This is leading to drop-outs at all levels of education, and preventing more than 25,000 young boys and girls from equipping themselves with knowledge in computer technology to create a better future for themselves.  Therefore preventing them from achieving an increased in per capita income.  By partnering with us you have a chance to change the lives of those in our community by helping us bring the needed education to these young people.

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