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Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is established in the memory of Mr/Mrs.Gian Gill (May their souls rest in peace in haven)
Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) was registered under the Societies Registration ACT, XXI of 1860 (RP/1896-L/S/04/909) as a NPO.
REF is grant of approval; a committee was constituted to evaluate the performance of said NPO towards achievement of its aims and objects. The Committee has evaluated the performance of this NPO and has vide its report No. 638 dated 20-03-2007, recommended grant of approval under section 2(36) of the Income Tax ordinance, 2001.
Accordingly in exercise of powers conferred under section 2(36) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 read with Rule 212 (1) of the Income Tax Rules, 2002 approval is granted to REF for the purpose of the said provisions of law. Approval is hereby granted subject to the condition that proper accounts are to be maintained and returns of income filed as required under the law.

We would like to share our Mission with you from the gratitude of our heart. Knowledge is a Power for every nation, every society, and every one in the world. Yes Knowledge, REF has a Mission to make an educational network in the Pakistan. REF is sponsored by a team of dedicated educationists and professionals. It is a group of young energetic and zealous people. Renaissance Education Foundation is continuing with the traditional strength in academics and resource of talented and dedicated team of faculty. It is located in Shahdab Colony and closely working for the Christian deprived community of Lahore Pakistan.

Sr. Nasreen Catherine  President.

Mr. Joseph Nadeem Executive Director 
Mr. Naveed Daniel IT Director

Quality public education is a cornerstone of our democracy.

For almost 200 years, we have counted on public schools to develop engaged citizens, train competent employees and inspire innovative  thinkers. Every day our schools are open their doors to welcome and educate all of our children - all the while struggling with shrinking budgets, dwindling resources and students who need more support, not less. Now more than ever,excellent public education must become the responsibility of all of us - and community-based organizations like

 Renaissance Education Foundation are leading the charge.

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But we can't do it without you! Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is on a mission. For almost fifteen years, REF has been quietly changing the paradigm of how neighborhood public schools work. Our model of cooperation and collaboration among schools; community and parent involvement; and efficient program delivery is innovative and groundbreaking Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) would like to invite well wishers, supporters and donors to join us for our meaningful cause of education to uplift the deprived community of Pakistan.

Official Location

Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) housed in its rented campus in Shahdab Colony, Ferozepur Road. It was formally inaugurated by Fr.Roy (Director of renewal center) in April 2008.

The REF Higher Secondary School caters of students offering a broad range of academic subjects together with enrichment or co-curricular activities.

Our management and faculty consists of a very dedicated and committed team of staff members who are constantly striving to community rewarding relationships that mentor, encourage and challenge the students.

We have completed 11 years of successfully educating girls and young women through enduring principles of this remarkable educational setup- the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, consideration of others, a sense of service and the value of community life - are as precious now as at any time in our past. 


Mr. Gian Gill (Late) Founder


Today, I am asking you to make a donation to support our community of Renaissance Education Foundation (REF).I started REF project in July 31, 1996, and over the past fourteen years, I've been amazed
and humbled to see hundreds of thousands of volunteers join with me to build the largest
educational institute in human history.It's a community creation, entirely written and funded by people like you. You are part of
our “REF” community.I believe in us. I believe that Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) keeps getting better.
That's the whole idea. One person writes something, somebody improves it a little, and it keeps getting better, over time. If you find it useful today for your children, imagine how much we can achieve together in 5, 10, 20 years.Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is about the power of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us write, one word at a time. People like us fund it. It's proof of our collective potential to change the “REF” community.We need to protect the Campus where this important work happens. We need to protect REF. We want to keep our children from community free of cost pay their educational needs and facilities to the deserving according to the scholarship policy and free of advertising. We want to keep it open for humanity without based – you can use the information in Renaissance
Education Foundation (REF) any where you want. We want to keep it growing – spreading knowledge everywhere, and inviting participation from everyone. We want to uplift the community.The Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is the non-profit organization I created in 1996 to operate, grows, nurture, in the limited per year budget and with a staff of fewer than 25 people, it runs the fifteenth most-enrolled educational institute in the entire Pakistani community. I'm asking for your help so we can continue our work.Imagine a School in which every single Child not left behind has free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s where we’re headed. And with your help, we will get there.Thank you for joining Renaissance Education Foundation (REF). You're part of this REF Community: please make a donation today.

Mr. Gian Gill (Late) Founder

Renaissance Education Foundation (REF)

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